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Discover your best self with the Glosso-files online training program

When it comes to presenting and public speaking, we all have some degree of glossophobia — a fear of public speaking. The key to overcoming it is to be your authentic self. With the Glosso-files program, you’ll learn how to break down your barriers and recognize your strengths to find that authentic self and effectively share your information.

Over the last six years, clients have repeatedly asked us to develop an on-the-go training program so they could share their learnings from our sessions with others. Inspired by their feedback, we created the Glosso-files series, featuring nine videos and workbooks for only $210.

As with any good training relationship, you need to connect with the person delivering the information. Watch this introduction video, and if my approach resonates with you, invest in the Glosso-files series today.

Get the Glosso-files online training program – including 9 video tutorials and workbooks – for just $210.